A guide on how and when to use ChargeApp

Our smartphones and tablets enable us to work, play and keep in touch with family and friends in a huge range of locations when we’re out and about. However, that’s only for as long as our devices have enough battery life – and finding a suitable place to replenish our battery juice as it falls precariously low can be much easier said than done. Making this frantic situation a thing of the past is our aim with ChargeApp for iOS and Android devices – here’s a quick guide to it.

Getting started with ChargeApp

Imagine the scene: you’re on your travels and enjoying yourself, whether you’re on a leisure or business pursuit, but then look at your smartphone or tablet and realise that its battery life is now perilously low – around the 10% mark, maybe. You hadn’t planned ahead for this situation – after all, you already had plenty of other things to occupy yourself with. How is that 10% battery life going to last until you get back to the hotel and recharge using a socket there?

Actually, you don’t even have to return to the hotel. Instead, you can download ChargeApp; its small size means that you should find it quick and easy to install even over a cellular connection. Then, as you go through the initial on-screen prompts, allow the app to discern your location. You can follow by specifying how low your device’s battery life should fall before the app notifies you, plus the size of the radius within which it should detect ChargeApp charging points for you.

Find places to charge, and maybe even pick up a few bargains…

“What?” we can imagine you crying. “There are ChargeApp charging points?” Indeed. Tap the ‘Map’ button at the top of the screen on the main interface, and you should see a map of your wider location, with both your location and those of the charging stations clearly marked. Though you could use the search bar to look for a station within a specific area, you could find the map sufficient for your needs. Tap on one of the little ChargeApp logos there, and it will turn orange and show you lots of useful details about the highlighted station – including its address, website, opening times and how long it should take you to walk there.

That’s the essential functionality of ChargeApp, but we’ve also thrown in lots of little extras to enhance the app’s effectiveness even further. You can head into Settings to re-set the location distance or change your battery alert, and go to Favourites to save details of charging stations that you have found especially useful. The app can even signpost special promotions available at locations, such as retail stores and coffee shops, of ChargeApp charging points.

ChargeApp is freely available on iOS and Android

So, whether you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android smartphone or tablet, you could pick up ChargeApp from the iOS App Store or Google Play now, in preparation for your next trip away.