New Phone Releases to Look Out For in 2016

We’re not too far into 2016, but have already seen some seriously impressive new handsets hit the market – think the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple’s dinky 4-inch iPhone SE. However, if you’re in the market for a new phone, there are plenty of other smartphones rumoured for release later this year. Here is a selection of the most notable.

iPhone 7

Though last year’s iPhone 6S has been well-received, there remain areas for improvement. Some people might hanker after thinner bezels, while the iPhone 6S’s relatively poor battery life has come under attack. Thankfully, our mobile app can help many of this phone’s wielders to more easily find public charging points and so overcome this problem.

It would be nice to see Apple address the battery issue in particular with the iPhone 7, which is expected to be announced in September. However, regardless of whether or not the company does so, we can realistically, as far as rumour goes, expect three iPhone 7 models: the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro – the latter with a DSLR-like camera.

Two new Google Nexus phones

Google will follow up the two Nexus handsets it released last year with another two in 2016. This time around, however, it could be HTC – rather than LG or Huawei – that makes the phones. Reports from China suggest that HTC will produce 5-inch and 5.5-inch models for Google – though other details are currently thin on the ground.

Interestingly, HTC did manufacture Google’s first ever Nexus handset – that’s the Google Nexus One – back in 2010. Therefore, for the upcoming phones, we probably shouldn’t rule out a design that takes inspiration from that early model – though, of course, HTC won’t want to put out anything that looks too dated compared to the competition.

An Android-powered Nokia handset

If you aren’t too young, you might recall a time when Nokia was a giant in the mobile phone world. However, as the iPhone and its Android competitors grew in popularity, Nokia’s influence faded. A few years back, Microsoft purchased the firm’s phone business and dropped use of the Finnish brand, ending Nokia’s time as a big name handset maker.

The current Nokia is now well-positioned to return to the smartphone market. This time, it doesn’t have to stick with the discredited mobile Windows platform – and, indeed, rumours suggest that the company is readying an Android-powered phone for release this year. Little else is known about what Nokia is preparing – and it is admittedly uncertain whether the company can seriously compete in the phone market again.

More Android phones from BlackBerry

BlackBerry is another footnote of handset history that could make an unexpectedly big comeback in 2016. It has already put out an Android phone, the BlackBerry PRIV, for the first time – but that could be just a warm-up! In fact, it has been suggested that the company could launch two new Android phones in 2016 – and they are likely to build upon the strengths of the PRIV, which was a promising start.